Wednesday, September 5, 2012

SSIS 2012 Deployment Frustrations?

I went to deploy a large SSIS project recently and received this error from the Deployment Wizard:

Failed to deploy project. For more information, query the operation_messages view for the operation identifier ’219′. (Microsoft SQL Server, Error: 27203)

Hoping that I would find out more I queried the catalog.operation_messages table in the SSISDB database.

The message column reads as follows:
Failed to deploy the project. Fix the problems and try again later.:Timeout expired.  The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding.
The statement has been terminated.

As the person deploying the project, I can’t “help” the Deployment Wizard with tweaking any queries, but I could see what it was doing using SQL Profiler.  The query that caught my attention is the following:
exec [internal].[sync_parameter_versions] @project_id=2,@object_version_lsn=10

Notice the number of reads(1.7M) and the duration(30 seconds).  I acquired the query plan for this stored procedure and found that it would run much faster if the following two indexes are applied to the SSISDB database.


CREATE NONCLUSTERED INDEX [ix1_internal_object_parameters_inc] ON [internal].[object_parameters]
        [project_id] ASC ,
        [project_version_lsn] ASC
INCLUDE (      [parameter_id],

CREATE NONCLUSTERED INDEX [ix2_internal_object_parameters_inc] ON [internal].[object_parameters]
        [project_id] ASC ,
        [project_version_lsn] ASC ,
        [object_type] ASC ,
        [object_name] ASC ,
        [parameter_data_type] ASC ,
        [required] ASC ,
        [sensitive] ASC
INCLUDE (      [parameter_name],

After these indexes were applied the deployment wizard had no more issues.

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