Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Predictive Analytics in the Cloud

By Irit Eizips

The ability to do predictive analytics and data mining without being a statistician is here! Predixion Insight is a very cool public and private (on-premise) cloud service that is accessed via Predixion’s client software, which is installed into Excel (as an add-in) and lets you build sophisticated models without really needing to know all the technical stuff that would typically go into performing predictive analytics. Predixion provides powerful collaboration and reporting features, and best of all they are natively integrated to Microsoft’s new in memory BI (IMBI) tool, PowerPivot so you can perform predictive analytics on up to 100 million rows all in the client, then write results back to PowerPivot for slicing and dicing, then publishing via SharePoint. 

The service is over the cloud, so all you really need is the Predixion Insight for Excel client and an internet connection. If your company uses SAS or SPSS, Predixion Insight will soon allow you to leverage that investment by running those models in the cloud, sharing them, reporting on them, then sharing the results with anyone via SharePoint. Predictive Analytics for the masses is finally here!

Here’s a link to a bunch of video tutorials on their website which are easy to follow – and a free 7 day trial version you could download and play with.



Here are some interesting articles about their tool:





http://powerpivotpro.com/ (See interview with JamieMac of Predixion)


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