Monday, September 20, 2010

Getting Started with SQL Server Data Mining for Retail/Finance

By Rick Durham

There are two informative, technical webcasts found at this link that cover how SSAS Data Mining is used to solve general retail/marketing problems…

  • “Overview of SQL Server Data Mining”
  • “Applying SQL Server 2005 Data Mining to Enterprise Business Problem”

Here is the URL:

Types of finance/marketing problems that data mining can be used for include:

  • Database marketing applications include offer response, up-sell, cross-sell, and attrition models
  • Financial risk management models attempt to predict monetary events such as credit default, loan prepayment, and insurance claims
  • Fraud detection methods attempt to detect or impede illegal activity involving financial transactions
  • Process monitoring applications detect deviations from the norm in manufacturing, financial, and security processes
  • Pattern detection models are used in applications that range from handwriting analysis to medical diagnostics
  • (please note this is by no means an exhaustive list)

Another good site in terms of general tutorial is this following:

Hope this helps get you started!

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